What is the capacity Clise
Is a series of smaller rooms. Max capacity inside all of Clise is around 200 people. If you are looking for a sit-down dinner, the Big Room will seat 70-80 in rounds, 120 as long tables and the Billiard room will seat 50-60 in rounds, or 80 in long tables.

How early and late can we rent Clise Mansion?
The facility can be rented as early as 7am and as late as 12am. Your set up and clean-up of your décor and catering access must be included in your rental time. We do not go later than 12am.

Is there parking available?
There is a parking lot by Clise in Marymoor park. It is a first come first serve spaces that guests can pay the parks $1 for. If you would like to reserve the lot for just your party, you can pre-pay the $1 a space fee and it will be added to your bill.

Is there heating and air conditioning?
Yes, there is both.

Is the facility going to be set up when we get there?
If you are using our tables and chairs, the facility will be set up. If you rent any furniture, serviceware or equipment from an outside vendor that is your responsibility to coordinate that set up with the company. Any décor is your responsibility to set up and tear down with in your rental time.

Can we hang decorations inside the facility?
Yes, but you may only use 3M tape due to the historical nature of the building. Absolutely no nails, tacks, staples or any type of adhesive other than 3M tape. S-hooks and window suction cups etc. have been used to hang decorations without causing damage. Christmas lights are allowed.

Can we use real candles?
No flames are allowed in Clise unless approved by the manager for ceremonial purposes. Electric and battery-operated candles are ok.

Can we set up tents outside?
Yes, but all tents must be weighted, and no spikes may be used to anchor the tents in the ground due to the possibility of historical artifacts in the ground.

If we have a bar, do you provide all barware and ice?
Yes, if you decide to serve any alcohol, we will provide all equipment needed to set up the bar including the ice. Glassware will still need to be rented.

Can we have music/ band?
Music cannot be audible beyond the Marymoor grounds. Outside Music (90 dba or less) must cease outside at 10:00 p.m. Music (70 Dba or less) is permitted inside until 12am.

Is there a dance floor?
Not a separate dance floor, but the floor inside the facility is hardwood and makes a perfect dance surface in the Great Room.

Can we have a BBQ outside?
Yes, you can set up a BBQ outside on the brick courtyard. We require a mat be placed under the BBQ while cooking.

Can I bring my own alcohol?
No, all alcohol service and products must be provided by Clise and we must use our licensed employees to serve. We can offer either hosted or cash bar options for your guests.

What if we cancel our booking?
Clise Mansion does have a cancellation policy. Please be sure that you are certain you want the facility before booking it. We highly recommend that you view the facility before booking it.

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